MRSA screening swabs


Test indications

  • Exclusion of MRSA carriage.
  • Investigation of extent of colonisation in known MRSA positive patients (as directed by Infection Control Team).

Test information

State if patient known to be MRSA positive in the past, whether decolonised or treated, and reason for screening.

Advice on MRSA screening and indications for decolonisation are available from the Infection Control Team on RSCH ext. 4367/4595

Samples required

Swabs of nose, throat, axillae, groins/perineum, hairline, wounds and other lesions (as directed by Infection Control).

Turnaround time

2 working days (negative results typically available in 1 day)

Quoted turnaround times are the time from receipt of specimen into the laboratory to 90% of reports leaving the laboratory. Stated times are based on normal working hours, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory bank and public holidays.