Transfusion laboratory


Blood and blood products

Tests available

Antibody investigation / quantitation (transfusion)

Group and screen

Cold agglutinins

Cord and maternal investigations


Direct antiglobulin test (DAT)

Kleihauer test


For information on those tests not listed please contact technical staff in the department who will be happy to advise or to pass you on to a consultant if necessary.

Specialised investigations: It is recommended that these are discussed with consultant haematologist or senior technical staff before proceeding with the investigation.

On-call service

This is available for emergency work only. The on call Biomedical Scientist can be contacted via the switchboard or bleep 26 103 for PRH, 26 8286 for RSCH.


Accurate patient and sample identification is essential at all stages of the transfusion process. Samples can either be hand written or produced by the Phlebotomy Blood360 module from the patients wrist band. No other addressograph labels are permitted on transfusion samples.

The following minimum patient identification is required:

  • surname
  • forename
  • unique patient identification number (Trust ID number, NHS number or, in an emergency only, A+E number and sex of patient)
  • date of birth

Samples should also be dated, timed and signed if handwritten by the person taking them. All request forms must be signed by a doctor who accepts responsibility for the request.

Specimens that do not meet the labelling criteria will not be tested. The addition of patient identification details onto the specimen tube once the laboratory has received it is not permitted.


If blood products are requested clinical details must be given and the date and time that they are required must be stated. When blood products are required urgently please telephone the lab.


Results are telephoned to the Doctor, surgery or ward in accordance with departmental procedures.

Results are viewable on ICE Desktop or on GP systems as soon as they are available. For information on how to access ICE Desktop click here.