Laboratory information (Haematology/ Transfusion)


Routine hours

Monday to Friday   

0800 to 1730h (RSCH)

0800 to 1700h (PRH)

Saturday and Sunday

0900 to 1300h

On-call service is available at other times.

On-call service

This is available for emergency work outside of normal working hours only. The on-call Biomedical Scientist can be contacted via the switchboard (RSCH 01273 696955, PRH 01444 441881) or bleep 6103 (PRH), 8286 (RSCH). At PRH requests for urgent processing of samples out of hours must be bleeped to the on-call Biomedical Scientist.

The following investigations are available:


Coagulation screen (INR, APTT ratio and fibrinogen)



Film (where clinically indicated)

Malarial parasites


Sickle cell screen

PT inhibitor screen (50:50 mix)

APTT inhibitor screen (50:50 mix)

Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia test

Heparin assay (Anti-Xa)

Rivaroxaban, Apixaban, Edoxaban and Dabigatran assays


Group and screen


Investigation of transfusion reaction:

Direct antiglobulin test (DAT)

Kleihauer test where clinically indicated.

The above investigations will only be processed "on call" if regarded as urgent and/or are required for patient management during the on call period otherwise they will be processed the next working day.

Contact numbers

Main switchboards: RSCH 01273 696955

PRH 01444 441881


Results and enquiries

ext. 64664

01273 664664

Consultants’ secretaries

RSCH ext. 64658/67009/64600

PRH ext. 68214


Dr Tim Corbett

ext. 64115

Dr Roz Johnston

ext. 67418

Dr Tim Chevassut

Consultant Haematologist and Senior Lecturer in Haematology at BSMS

ext. 64048

Dr Brigitta Marson

ext. 64115

Dr Anita Arasaretnam

ext. 64323

Dr Vicky Tindell

ext. 67637

Dr Tom Rider

ext. 67758

Haematology registrars

Dr Asma Batool

bleep 8291/8472

Technical enquiries

Head of Blood Sciences

Sarah Bastow

Mobile 07917 013868



Julie Cole

Chief Biomedical Scientist

ext. 64577/64071

Automation & Haematology

Sue-Ying To

Chief Biomedical Scientist

PRH ext. 68216

RSCH ext. 64711


Shawn Cotton

Chief Biomedical Scientist

PRH ext. 68201

RSCH ext. 64306

Immunohaematology/ CD4 service

Andy Parr

Chief Biomedical Scientist (acting)

ext. 64475

Direct line: 01273 664475