Maculopapular rash ± fever - diagnostic virology


Samples Test Pathogens covered Comment

Best sample:

Throat swab in virus transport medium (NOT IN CHARCOAL)



RealTime fever/rash multiplex RT-PCR

Measles (throat swab)

Parvovirus B19 (throat swab)

Enteroviruses (throat swab/stool)

Parechoviruses (throat swab)

HHV-6 (throat swab)

HHV-7 (throat swab)

Measles is not routinely tested, but if required, please write this clearly on the request form or contact the consultant virologist/lab senior staff.

RealTime RT-PCR

Rubella (throat swab)

Rubella PCR referred to Colindale.*

Virus Reference Department, Microbiology Services Colindale, 61 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5HT

Less satisfactory samples:


Clotted blood (gold cap, 5 mL tube).

Smaller tubes are available for paediatric samples.



Stool: Enterovirus PCR



Clotted blood:

Measles IgM
Parvovirus B19 IgM
ASO titre
Rubella IgM


Parvovirus B19

ASO titre



Turnaround time

see virology and microbiological serology turnaround times

* Rubella PCR - referral lab quotes target turnaround time of 10 days, however additional time must be allowed for packing, dispatch and delivery of sample, and return and processing of results.


Microbiology (Virology and Serology), ext. 64627