News & latest updates 2022

   Laboratory information relating to changes due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will be published on a separate page: Coronavirus: laboratory news and updates.


21 September 2022

Peak and trough ranges added to Heparin assay (Anti-Xa) for once daily dosing on Enoxaparin.

revision 2022.052

Updated content for RivaroxabanApixabanFondaparinuxEdoxaban and Dabigatran.

revision 2022.051

20 September 2022

UKAS update for reference number 9678: The virology testing service accreditation for ISO 15189:2012 has been temporarily suspended for a period of up to six months. Please contact the laboratory 01273 664621 or the Interim Pathology Quality Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if further information is required.

revision 2022.050

14 September 2022

Additional information added for ethylene glycol and methanol.

revision 2022.049

13 September 2022

Update to urine citrate turnaround time.

revision 2022.048

The reporting of albumin-adjusted serum magnesium has been discontinued.

revision 2022.047

6 September 2022

New telephoning ranges for ethanol - from 1/9/22 the lab will telephone:

all detected ethanols in children up to 13 years,

1500 mg/L and above in children 13-17 years,

4000 mg/L and above for 18 years and over.

revision 2022.046

31 August 2022

Cryofibrinogen is now routinely offered with cryoglobulin - see cryoproteins.

revision 2022.045

Update to 25-hydroxyvitamin D reference range (removal of upper limit).

revision 2022.044

17 August 2022

The referral laboratory for the following tests has informed us that they are experiencing delays due to staff shortages, primarily due to COVID-19:

Urgent samples are being prioritised, therefore please provide as much clinical information as possible to help the referral lab determine the urgency of your request. If clinicians have samples from patients in whom a metabolic disorder is strongly suspected that they would like to be processed urgently, they should follow the usual procedure and discuss the case with the paediatric or adult metabolic clinical team at the Evelina London and St Thomas’ Hospital respectively. The laboratory will prioritise urgent samples in discussion with, and with direction from, the metabolic clinical teams.

revision 2022.043

Alpha-1 antitrypsin phenotypingdue to a national shortage of a reagent this service is temporarily unavailable. Samples are being stored and will be analysed once the service resumes.

If the alpha-1 antitrypsin quantitation is below 0.9 g/L and a clinically significant deficiency is suspected you can send samples to the SE Genomic Hub for alpha-1 antitrypsin genotyping (National Genomic Test Directory code R191 Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. The request form including sample requirements is downloadable here: 

revision 2022.042

10 August 2022

Upcoming changes to reference ranges for lipase and DHEAS due to change of analysers at referral laboratory.

revision 2022.041

8 August 2022

LDL cholesterol added to non-fasting lipid profile.

revision 2022.040

3 August 2022

Age-specific reference range for serum calcium for > 90 years age group has been removed.

revision 2022.039

Updating dynamic function tests -

  • New revision of Growth Hormone (GH) Response to an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.
  • New revision of Lactose Tolerance Test.
revision 2022.038

25 July 2022

Update to Environmental Microbiology Unit (EMU) page.

revision 2022.037

19 July 2022

Updating dynamic function tests -

  • New revision of Pentagastrin Test.
revision 2022.036

New equation for adjusted serum calcium.

revision 2022.035

18 July 2022

Update to histopathology turnaround times and referral laboratory information.

revision 2022.034

12 July 2022

Link to UK Guidelines for Thyroid Function Tests under TFT replaced with link to NICE guideline NG145 Thyroid disease: assessment and management.

revision 2022.033

5 July 2022 

Addition of NICE NG12 age-specific thresholds to PSA.

revision 2022.032

Updating dynamic function tests -

  • New revision of Ischaemic Forearm Lactate & Ammonia Test.
revision 2022.031

21 June 2022

Page for EMA test for red cell membrane abnormalities renamed as EMA binding test for red cell membrane abnormalities to avoid confusion with endomysial antibody.

revision 2022.030

14 June 2022


Update to Histopathology diagnostic testing referral information: Idylla EGFR PCR Test is no longer routinely performed in-house. It is now part of the new NGS DNA panel tested at GSTT Genomic Laboratory Hub. 

revision 2022.029

Update to Taking blood cultures page.

revision 2022.028

Restrictions to the Microbiology service that were introduced temporarily in September 2021 have been rescinded.

revision 2022.027

7 June 2022

Updating Dynamic function tests -

  • Glucagon Stimulation Test for Glycogen Storage Diseases protocol has been removed. Genetic testing is available (R274 Glycogen storage disease) based on clinical/ laboratory features.
  • New revisions of Glucagon Stimulation Test, Insulin Stress Test, Overnight Dexamethasone Suppression Test, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test  and Short Synacthen Test protocols.

revision 2022.026

6 June 2022

Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria updated for sample stability time.

revision 2022.025

1 June 2022

Clozapine listing updated - link to monitoring service added.

revision 2022.024

31 May 2022

Monkeypox:  Specimens from suspected or confirmed monkeypox cases must be double bagged and clearly labelled. DO NOT send via pneumatic air tube system. 

revision 2022.023

Updates to CMV (Cytomegalovirus) testing, including changes to:

revision 2022.022

Update to turnaround time for alpha-1 antitrypsin phenotyping

revision 2022.021

30 May 2022

Change of referral laboratory for second trimester Down's screening.

revision 2022.020

Kade Flowers added to Biochemistry contacts.

revision 2022.019

17 May 2022

Referral laboratory requires four points of identification for faecal elastase.

revision 2022.018

16 May 2022

Beta hydroxybutyrate method is validated in neonates (ref Nova StatStrip® package insert 2020-07).

revision 2022.017

10 May 2022

Updating Dynamic function tests - water deprivation test protocols removed as this test is now carried out by Endocrinology.

revision 2022.016

9 May 2022

Correction to skin antibody - referring to St Richard's Hospital, Chichester.

revision 2022.015

7 May 2022

Update to information on DNA/ genetic testing.

revision 2022.014

Change of referral laboratory for T-cell gene rearrangement.

revision 2022.013

26 April 2022

New revision of instructions for collecting salivary cortisol samples.

revision 2022.012

Update to trimethylaminuria information.

revision 2022.011

12 April 2022

New Consultant Chemical Pathologist is Dr. Gayan De Costa. revision 2022.010

11 April 2022

Link for request form download added for karyotype. revision 2022.009

22nd March 2022

Update/ corrections to cold agglutinins information. revision 2022.008

9th March 2022

Updated page for cholinesterase (OP exposure) (previously red cell acetylcholinesterase). revision 2022.007


8th March 2022

Updated page for CMV (Cytomegalovirus) testing. revision 2022.006
New page for taipan snake venom time (TSVT) and ecarin time (ET). revision 2022.005

2nd March 2022

Updates to Cellular Pathology content including updated Mortuary page and removal of old PRH content. revision 2022.004

1st March 2022 

Update to antiretroviral therapeutic drug monitoring page for change of name of referral laboratory. revision 2022.003

4 January 2022

New revision of instructions for submission of samples from suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. revision 2022.002
Update to blood culture bottle names and caps (plastic bottles have replaced glass).

revision 2022.001



From the end of 2021:

23 December 2021

Upcoming change to lipoprotein (a) reporting (units and comments). revision 2021.061

14 December 2021

Change to urine albumin (ACR) reference range.

revision 2021.060

Change to alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes turnaround time.

revision 2021.059


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