News & latest updates 2023


29 November 2023

Amended turnaround time for 5-HIAA

revision 2023.080

27 November 2023

Amended turnaround time for CSF ACE

revision 2023.079

Updates to CSF collection page.

revision 2023.078

15 November 2023

Amended TSH reference range to 2 decimal places

revision 2023.077

New revision of haematology document "Summary of actions to be taken on abnormal results".

revision 2023.076

7 November 2023

Updated paediatric ranges for IgA and IgM.

revision 2023.075

Update to acylcarnitines.

revision 2023.074

Update to vitamin B6 reference range.

revision 2023.073

1 November 2023

Dr Negar Maghsoodi is the new Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Clinical Lead for Biochemistry.

revision 2023.072

31 October 2023 ūüéÉ

Improved turnaround times for IgE and specific IgE (allergy) tests.

revision 2023.071

24 October 2023

Biochemistry turnaround times have been reviewed and updated.

revision 2023.070

18 October 2023

Posaconazole added.

revision 2023.069

Haemosiderin, red cell mass/plasma volume estimation, and Schilling test are no longer available.

revision 2023.068
Updated dynamic function tests page 

revision 2023.067

17 October 2023

Addition of urine as sample type for arsenic revision 2023.066
16 October 2023 Cystine (urine) now being analysed at referral laboratory. revision 2023.065
10 October 2023 Cassandra Malone is the Chief BMS/ Site Manager for Bacteriology. revision 2023.064
3 October 2023 New revision of Biochemistry telephoning ranges. revision 2023.063
20 September 2023 New reference range for urine cortisol. revision 2023.062
19 September 2023 Reducing substances and sugar chromatography and fat globules (faeces) will no longer be offered from 2/10/23 revision 2023.061
9 September 2023 Update to Immunology content: ANA screen, skin antibody, tryptase, specific IgE (allergy) tests and IgE. revision 2023.060
Change to erythropoietin reference range. revision 2023.059
The virology testing service accreditation has been re-instated. revision 2023.058
4 September 2023 Andrology patient information checklist form added to semen fertility check and post vasectomy specimens revision 2023.057
29 August 2023 Correction to reference range for T cells (CD3+) for 2-5 year age group, in CD4/8 counts (T Lymphocyte subsets) revision 2023.056
 15 August 2023 Enzymatic creatinine (serum) - new ranges from 23/8/23. revision 2023.055
Pharmacy information now UHSussex (replaced BSUH) for amikacin, gentamicin and vancomycin. revision 2023.054
9 August 2023 Update to FGF-23 - clinical details required to ensure correct version of teat is done at referral lab. revision 2023.053
8 August 2023

The cortisol cut off for 30 min post synacthen has been amended from 420 to 380 nmol/L. SST protocol can be downloaded from the dynamic function tests page. 

revision 2023.052
7 August 2023 Update to serum protein electrophoresis turnaround time. revision 2023.051

New reference ranges for haptoglobin

revision 2023.050
1 August 2023

New POCT page - Point of care blood gas analysis

revision 2023.049
19 July 2023

New reference ranges for ferritin.

revision 2023.048

Free PSA no longer routinely available.

revision 2023.047
18 July 2023

New revision of referred thyroid function test request form, see TFT.

revision 2023.046
12 July 2023


Update to lead - currently being referred to external laboratory.

revision 2023.045

New revision of water microbiology request form,  see Environmental Microbiology Unit (EMU).

revision 2023.044

Update to Histopathology page.

revision 2023.043
28 June 2023

All information for patients and carers on UHSussex Pathology services is now available on the UHSussex public website.

revision 2023.042

New revision of 24 Hour Urine Collections: Guide for Patients

revision 2023.041
27 June 2023




Update to Microbiology contacts.

revision 2023.040

New revision of Pneumatic Air Tube Transport System User Guide.

revision 2023.039

Update to heparin-induced thrombocytopenia screen

revision 2023.038

(Revision rescinded 12/7/23)

revision 2023.037
21 June 2023

Update to aciclovir, ganciclovir, isoniazid and teicoplanin.

revision 2023.036
19 June 2023

New test page: fetal maternal haemorrhage

revision 2023.035
16 June 2023

New test pages:

Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Vigabatrin, Tiagabine, Lacosamide, Perampanel,

Brivaracetam, Zonisamide, Clonazepam, Rufinamide.

revision 2023.034
Biochemistry and Immunology contact numbers updated. revision 2023.033
13 June 2023 Procollagen III no longer routinely available - for patients on methotrexate please use FIB-4 score instead. revision 2023.032
Update to Haemoglobinopathy screen. revision 2023.031
12 June 2023 Request form added for ADAMTS13 revision 2023.030

New page for point of care glucose testing.

revision 2023.029
7 June 2023

Update to Fabry screen (now being reported with same range for males and females).

revision 2023.028

Updated times to steady state for ethosuximide, lamotrigine, levetiracetam, oxcarbazepine metabolite and topiramate

revision 2023.027
5 June 2023

Correction to sampling window for first trimester Down's, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndrome screening, and addition of window for second trimester screening.

revision 2023.026
24 May 2023

Changes to turnaround times and other updates for a number of referred tests: 5-HIAA, ACTH, acylcarnitines, adrenal cortex antibody, aldosterone, alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes, alpha-1 antitrypsin phenotyping, aluminium, amino acids plasma and urine, amiodarone, androstenedione, basal ganglia antibody, beta carotene, C1q antibody, calcitonin, CDT, cholinesterase (scoline apnoea), chromogranin A and B, citrate (urine), CK-MB, cortisol (saliva), CSF ACE, dementia biomarkers (CSF), dihydrotestosterone, essential fatty acids, ethosuximide, elastase (faeces), flecainide, gut hormones, HVA, IgG subclasses, lamotrigine, levetiracetam, MAG antibody, MOG antibodies, mucopolysaccharides, neuronal antibodies, oxalate (plasma), oxcarbazepine metabolite, perhexiline, renin, sirolimus, steroid profile, topiramate and VMA.

revision 2023.025
16 May 2023

Due to instrument downtime we are experiencing delays to TAT for Chlamydia trachomatis/ Neisseria gonorrhoeae test.

revision 2023.024
15 May 2023 

Copper has been removed from the abnormal LFT screen. caeruloplasmin remains part of this screen - if copper is required please request as a separate test.

revision 2023.023
Whole genome sequencing (for new acute leukaemia) added.  revision 2023.022
17th April 2023 Update to Microbiology contact numbers. revision 2023.021
TFT referral information updated and request form added to TFT page.  revision 2023.020
5th April 2023


Prolactin removed from PCOS profile. revision 2023.019
Addition of patient instructions for urine cytology. revision 2023.018

Addition of Measles RNA PCR turnaround information to virology and microbiological serology turnaround times

revision 2023.017
4th April 2023

Updates to Immunology pages: aquaporin 4 antibody, ANA screen, acetylcholine receptor antibody, tTG antibody, PLA2 receptor antibody, neuronal antibodies, thyroid receptor antibody, C1 esterase inhibitor, ENA antibody, LGI1 and CASPR2 antibodies, liver antibodies, MuSK antibody, potassium channel antibody.

revision 2023.016
20 March 2023




Addition of age limit as per referral lab policy for availability of paediatric urine catecholamines, HVA and VMA.

revision 2023.015

Updated 24h urine collection instructions (new revision). Note that the separate leaflet for Dietary restrictions for 24 hour urine collections (LIC-BIO-24HRDIET) has been depublished as restrictions are no longer required for urine metadrenalines and the 5-HIAA restrictions have been incorporated into the new 24h urine collection instructions.

revision 2023.014

Updated test indication information for serum protein electrophoresis, Bence Jones protein and serum free light chains.

revision 2023.013

Update to CSF collection page: new revision of CSF sample guidelines for Hurstwood Park Medical.

revision 2023.012
15 March 2023

New revision of Instructions for Collecting Samples for Chain of Evidence Toxicology Analysis in Hospital Patients.

revision 2023.011
14 March 2023

Update to red cell pyruvate kinase: a FBC and reticulocyte count will be required for pyruvate kinase testing. Please add this to all requests for this test.

revision 2023.010
7 March 2023

Salivette tube accepted for salivary cortisol.

revision 2023.009
28 February 2023

New revision of patient instruction for semen fertility check.

revision 2023.008
21 February 2023

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S (spike antibody, COVID-S antibody) discontinued from 1.3.23.

As of 24 February 2022, NHS England has removed Ronapreve (casirivimab and imdevimab) from their Interim Clinical Commissioning Policy and there is currently no access to this treatment in England. This was the only indication the test was being offered for, therefore it is no longer offered.

revision 2023.007
14 February 2023

Updates to antibody investigation / quantitation (transfusion), cord and maternal investigations, crossmatch, direct antiglobulin test (DAT), foetal Rh D testing, group and screen and Kleihauer test.

revision 2023.006
30 January 2023

Addition of minimum primary sample volume to ESR.

revision 2023.005
24 January 2023

New pages added: ROTEM and Foetal Rh D testing.

revision 2023.004
17 January 2023

Upcoming changes to thyroglobulin method.

revision 2023.003

Change to lipoprotein (a) units and references range.

revision 2023.002
11 January 2023

Outpatient phlebotomy information, including links to the booking service, is now available on the UHSussex public website.

revision 2023.001


From the end of 2022:

21 December 2022

Changes to antibiotic susceptibility reporting from Microbiology RSCH, UHSussex NHS Trust.

revision 2022.062

30 November 2022

Manganese sample type update.

revision 2022.061

29 November 2022

Lithium page updated.

revision 2022.060
7 December 2022  FIB-4 page added. revision 2022.059

21st November 2022

Update to sweat testing (addition of <30 mmol/L cutoff for sweat chloride in babies under 6 months old). 

revision 2022.058

New revision of Post Vasectomy Instruction Sheet - see post vasectomy specimens

revision 2022.057

8th November 2022

New booking system for Phlebotomy Outpatients

‚ÄčFrom Monday 14 November the Phlebotomy Outpatients Department will be introducing a new online booking system at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Princess Royal Hospital and Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, allowing patients to book their own appointments at a time and location that is convenient to them.

We will be maintaining a walk-in service for the foreseeable future. However, we do believe that if the patient can book in advance their experience will be significantly improved. 

Appointments can be made via the following:

Online booking system

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 01444 441881 ext: 68199 

revision 2022.056



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