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   Laboratory information relating to changes due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will be published on a separate page: Coronavirus: laboratory news and updates.


23 September 2021

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S antibody testing available, for hospitalised patients with COVID-19 to assess eligibility for monoclonal antibody therapy.

revision 2021.048

21 September 2021

Due to the significant number of Covid-19 PCR and rapid testing samples, increasing restoration activity, and staff shortages due to vacancies, isolation and quarantine, the microbiology departments at UHSussex NHS Trust are working under extreme pressure. Please click here for measures that have been taken to deal with this, and how service users can help.

revision 2021.047

22 August 2021


Changes to IGF-1 reference ranges due to test being brought in-house.

revision 2021.046

Changes to beta-2 microglobulin reference ranges due to test being brought in-house.

revision 2021.045

12 August 2021

From Wednesday 1st September there will be a change to blood sample requirements. Blood samples for copper, zinc, and selenium must be collected into new navy blue top trace element tubes. This ensures that they are free of environmental contamination.

Please note that copper measurement is part of the abnormal liver function test screen so a navy top tube will be needed when this is requested in addition to the usual samples.

These tubes can be requested from pathology stores along with the usual blood tube requests (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Due to change in sample type, the cumulative view of results on ICE will be affected. Please note there will also be updated reference ranges for copper and zinc.

revision 2021.044

3 August 2021

Addition of paediatric ranges for AMH.

revision 2021.043

20 July 2021

Change of referral laboratory for ethylene glycol and methanol.

revision 2021.042

New revision of Biochemistry telephoning ranges - click here.

revision 2021.041

13 July 2021

Change to buffer for rapid COVID testing (tube caps are now orange) - see Coronavirus (COVID-19) molecular testing

revision 2021.040

1 July 2021

Update to CSF dementia biomarkers.

revision 2021.039

29 June 2021

Further updates to DNA/genetic testing and genetic testing for Gilbert syndrome, Wilson disease, familial hypercholesterolaemia and haemochromatosis genetics to reflect tests being brought into South East Genomic Laboratory Hub.

Note that haemochromatosis genetics can now be requested in Primary Care.

Cystic fibrosis genetics added to listings.

revision 2021.038

22 June 2021

Blood culture bottles: We are currently unable to provide glass bottles, but will be sending out these plastic blood culture bottles instead.

These can be used as like for like replacements for the glass bottles. Please note the different colour tops for the anaerobic bottles.
You should follow your normal blood taking and labelling processes.

revision 2021.037

21 June 2021

Routine COVID-19 antibody testing is no longer routinely available. For queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

revision 2021.036

Please note that from 22nd June the laboratories at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital will be implementing an age-adjusted D-dimer reference range in accordance with current clinical guidance. The reference range of <0.50 µg/mL FEU for those <50 years of age still applies, but for those above 50 a range of ‘Age x 0.01 µg/mL FEU’ applies, so that, for example, for an 82 year old this would be < 0.82 µg/mL FEU. This reference range is calculated within the laboratory reporting systems and provided alongside the result.

revision 2021.035

20 June 2021

New revision of Haematology document "Summary of actions to be taken on abnormal results".

revision 2021.034

Water Microbiology request form added to Environmental Microbiology Unit (EMU) page.

revision 2021.033

19 June 2021

Updates to Immunology content: specific IgE (TAT), referral lab changes for ANA Hep2 method, thyroid receptor antibody, liver antibodies, skin antibody, and update to tTG antibody.

revision 2021.032

14 June 2021

Update to CDT - please note this service is offered for clinical purposes only.

revision 2021.031

2 May 2021

Pathology ICE Upgrade 6th June 10:00 - 18:00 hrs

ICE will be unavailable for looking up any historical or current results for 8 hours.

ICE Downtime Laboratory Contacts  Sunday 6th June 2021 10:00 – 18:00 hrs



Emergency /

urgent contact

Non-Urgent enquiry


01273 696955

Blood Sciences


Bleep 8332* Ext. 67482 or 64306*

Blood Sciences


Bleep 8286*


All enquiries to bleep 8286*


Tel: 07385393027

Ext. 67832

Cellular Pathology

Closed Sunday


01444 441881

Blood Sciences


Bleep 6102* Ext. 68203*

Blood Sciences


Bleep 6103*

Ext. 68221*


All enquiries to bleep 6103*


Tel: 07385393027

Ext. 68228

*Please note- the lab will still telephone urgent results as per current practice.

*In addition, RSCH and PRH Emergency Departments will receive hardcopy reports via the Air tube POD system every 30 minutes to minimise transcription errors.

* ICU and TMBU (serviced by Metavision) will continue to receive results electronically from WinPath during the downtime.


19 - 25 May 2021

Updates to DNA/genetic testing and genetic testing for Gilbert syndrome, Wilson disease, familial hypercholesterolaemia and haemochromatosis genetics  to reflect tests being brought into South East Genomic Laboratory Hub.

revision 2021.030

19 May 2021


Acanthamoeba PCR information added to eye infection molecular detection page.

Environmental Microbiology Unit (EMU) contact information updated.

revision 2021.029

4 digit telephone extension numbers updated with 6 prefix.

revision 2021.028

17 May 2021

Amend TAT for myeloproliferative neoplasm mutations

revision 2021.027

19 April 2021

Addition to plasma homocysteine - fasting samples preferred.

revision 2021.026

Content for Environmental Microbiology Unit (EMU) updated.

revision 2021.025

31 March 2021

Update to prolactin (sample time clarification).

revision 2021.024

29 March 2021

New email address and order form for Pathology supplies from 1 April 2021.

revision 2021.023

16 March 2021

User guide available for pneumatic air tube transport system (PATTS, pod ststem) - click here.

revision 2021.022

3 March 2021

Update to contact numbers for Microbiology clinical advice.

revision 2021.021

2 March 2021

New revision of Instructions for Collecting Samples for Chain of Evidence Toxicology Analysis in Hospital Patients (click here to go to download).

revision 2021.020

1 March 2021

Update to NT-proBNP (links to NICE guidance updated, no changes to cutoffs).

revision 2021.019

17 February 2021

Samples for serum ACE are now being referred to Worthing Hospital for analysis.

revision 2021.018

15 February 2021

Addition of section on factors affecting test results to Biochemistry/ Immunology requests and results page.

revision 2021.017

13 February 2021

Correction to turnaround time for Fabry screen.

revision 2021.016

10 February 2021

Tacrolimus  - addition to specify that a trough sample is required.

revision 2021.015

Update to beta-2 microglobulin content.

revision 2021.014

8 February 2021

New revision of patient instructions for semen fertility check.

revision 2021.013

New revision of Biochemistry telephoning ranges, downloadable under Reporting Results here.

revision 2021.012

Thrombophilia screen updated.

revision 2021.011

4 February 2021

Updated links to MDA MoM content for chromium and cobalt.

revision 2021.010

1 February 2021

Immunohaematology updates to chromosome studies for haematological investigationBCR-ABL, lymphocyte subsets and CD4/8 counts, and new page for myeloproliferative neoplasm mutations (replaces previous individual pages for JAK2, MPL and CALR mutations).

revision 2021.009

31 January 2021  

Amended paediatric IgG ranges (see immunoglobulins).

revision 2021.008

Amended reference ranges for oestradiol and progesterone.

revision 2021.007

26 January 2021

Amended information on calcium creatinine clearance ratio (CCCR) - see urine calcium.

revision 2021.006

Addition to immunoreactive trypsin - not routinely available once the child has reached 6 weeks of age.

revision 2021.005

20 January 2021

As part of our ongoing quality improvement, the microbiology department has undertaken a review of urine samples received for routine microscopy, culture and sensitivity (MC&S). This confirmed that the use of the correct sample container increases the quality of the sample result.

Therefore, please ensure urine samples for MC&S are submitted in a boric acid container. From February 2021 the laboratory will reject urine samples for MC&S unless they are in boric acid.

Urines for tests other than MC&S should continue to be submitted in plain sterile containers. Some examples are given below:

MC&S Boric acid
Molecular assay e.g. CT/GC NAATS   Sterile container (no additives)
TB (Mycobacteria) Sterile container (no additives)
Parasites / Schistosomiasis Sterile container (no additives)


revision 2021.004

CTX page unpublished. Please request P1NP instead (note any EDTA blood samples sent for CTX are no longer suitable for P1NP which requires serum). Please contact Duty Biochemist to arrange CTX if P1NP is not an appropriate alternative.

revision 2021.003

11 January 2021

Information added to general pathology specimens, requests, reports page, detailing criteria for acceptance and rejection of samples, and key factors which may affect the validity of a test. Additional information on factors affecting validity added to Haematology/ Transfusion specimens, requests, results page.

revision 2021.002

Update to Histopathology page (addresses and turnaround times for referred testing).

revision 2021.001

5 January 2021         

Microbiology has achieved UKAS accreditation for its COVID PCR testing service.



From the end of 2020:

23 December 2020

On the 23rd December 2020 the biochemistry laboratory will be changing the method used for serum LDH analysis. This is due to the production of the current assay being discontinued by our supplier. You can expect results to be approximately 50% lower compared to the previous assay. There will be a comment on all reports highlighting that the test has been run using the new assay and there will be new reference ranges in use.  Please exercise caution when comparing results from the new assay to previous results.

revision 2020.074

Advance notice of equipment upgrade in biochemistry, Jan 2021.

A new inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer is being installed for our trace metal analysis. There will be a disruption to the service whilst this new piece of equipment is installed so turnaround times for serum copper, zinc and lead may be increased throughout January. Please contact the laboratory if any analysis is urgent.

revision 2020.073


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