News & latest updates 2019


9 July 2019

Update of Environmental Microbiology Unit content.

revision 2019.044

2 July 2019

Referrral laboratory has informed us of amended turnaround times for neuronal antibodies, potassium channel antibody, calcium channel antibody and MuSK antibody.

revision 2019.043

Addition of HLA typing for disease association and T-Cell gene rearrangement

revision 2019.042

1 July 2019

Addition of reference range sources for FBC, ESR, haemoglobinopathy screen and reticulocytes.

revision 2019.041

Expansion of information on transporting samples via pneumatic pods to cover prohibited high risk samples.

revision 2019.040

20 June 2019

The CTX assay is being discontinued in-house from the end of June 2019. The same sample will be used for the alternative bone marker procollagen I (P1NP) - if CTX is specifically required please contact the Duty Biochemist before sending the sample.

revision 2019.039

19 June 2019

Due to equipment failure we currently have no in-house ethylene glycol or methanol service; samples will be sent to referral laboratories as necessary.

revision 2019.038

18 June 2019

The live cell assay for NMDA receptor antibodies is not currently available.

revision 2019.037

Addition of request for travel history to help aid diagnosis with malarial parasites.

revision 2019.036

11 June 2019

Change to female alpha galactosidase cut off for Fabry screen.

revision 2019.035

5 June 2019

Update to UKAS accreditaion information for Microbiology & Infection.

revision 2019.034

4 June 2019

The Microbiology and Virology/Serology pages have been reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect current practice.

revision 2019.033

29 May 2019

Change to CSF ACE reference range and units from 1.6.2019 due to change of provider at referral laboratory - new reference range will be 0 - 1.20 µM/min/L and the new turnaround time 14 working days.

revision 2019.032

Change to 5-HIAA reference range from 1.6.2019 due to change of provider at referral laboratory - new reference range will be < 47 µmol/24h.

revision 2019.031

21 May 2019

Lipoprotein (a) added.

revision 2019.030

20 May 2019

Correction to lower limit of male CK range.

revision 2019.029

Procollagen I (P1NP) added.

revision 2019.028

8 May 2019

CART is no longer part of routine gut hormone profile. Please specify on request form if required.

revision 2019.027

23 April 2019

Update of Histopathology page (referral laboratories, contacts).

revision 2019.026

17 April 2019

Addition of instructions to CSF collection and CSF xanthochromia specifying need to deliver samples to Clinical Biochemistry immediately and importance of light-protection.

revision 2019.025

15 April 2019

Correction to new selenium reference ranges.

revision 2019.024

8 April 2019

Amended sample requirement for lupus anticoagulant and thrombophilia screen.

revision 2019.023

2 April 2019

Paediatric (Tanner stage) ranges added to LH and FSH.

revision 2019.022

26 March 2019

Instrinsic factor antibody is being done in-house.

revision 2019.021

13 March 2019

Addition of sample collection information to sweat testing.

revision 2019.020

Removal of outdated form for requesting access to pathology laboratories.

revision 2019.019

Sample/ supplies information added to electron micsoscopy content.

revision 2019.018

New chain of evidence form for SaSH users.

revision 2019.017

New email address for Pathlinks - Pathology IT content and downloads updated.

revision 2019.016

Update to Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia test

revision 2019.015

5 March 2019

Addition of UKAS statement to Pathology home page, and associated update to general information.

revision 2019.014

26-7 February 2019

New reference range for factor XIII (in-house from 1.3.19).

revision 2019.013

Addition of reference range source to in-house coagulation tests: APTT ratio, coagulation factor assays, coagulation screen, D-dimers, lupus anticoagulant, PT inhibitor screen (50:50 mix), reptilase time, thrombin time, thrombophilia screen.

revision 2019.012

25-26 February 2019

Updated reference ranges for referred metals: arsenic, copper (urine), manganese, mercury, selenium and thallium.

revision 2019.011

25 February 2019

Addition of MPL mutation to site.

revision 2019.010

21 February 2019

New ranges for von Willebrand avtivity.

revision 2019.009

New revision of Instructions for Collecting Samples for Chain of Evidence Toxicology Analysis in Hospital Patients.

revision 2019.008

11 February 2019

New reference range and turnaround time for lamotrigine due to changes at referral laboratory.

revision 2019.007

6 February 2019

Down's, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndrome screening - update to second trimester screening content.

revision 2019.006

5 February 2019

Update to selenium sample requirement - referral lab no longer accepts samples in gel-containing (gold cap) tubes.

revision 2019.005

15 January 2019

Updates to interferences for AST and ALT (isoniazid and furosemide do not interfere), and B12 (hyperproteinaemic samples are not suitable).

revision 2019.004

14 January 2019

Updates to lymphocyte subsets (B, T, NK cell counts) and CD4/8 counts (T lymphocyte subsets) revision 2019.003
Updates to ethylene glycol and methanol. revision 2019.002
Update to test information for voriconazole. revision 2019.001


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