News & latest updates 2020


14 January 2020

New revisions of protocols for glucagon stimulation test for glycogen storage diseases, growth hormone response to oral glucose tolerance test, ischaemic forearm lactate & ammonia test, lactose tolerance test, pentagastrin test, short synacthen test, and water deprivation tests 1 to 3. No changes to procedures.See dynamic function tests.

revision 2020.007

13 January 2020

Update to urine microbiology MSU sample information to reflect changes to collection kit.

revision 2020.006

Addition of container requirements for calculi.

revision 2020.005

8 January 2020


The cut-offs for fasting plasma glucose and haemoglobin A1c have been amended in line with the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

revision 2020.004

Change to TAT and sample containers for scrapings/ clippings for mycological investigation.

revision 2020.003

Additions to factors affecting test performance/ results for serum sodium and potassium.

revision 2020.002

7 January 2020

New revisions of protocols for insulin stress test, overnight dexamethasone suppression test, glucagon stimulation test and oral glucose tolerance test. No changes to procedures. See dynamic function tests.

revision 2020.001

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