Mortuary (RSCH)

Opening hours

0800 to 1630h Monday to Friday

Contact numbers

Telephone: 01273 696955 ext. 64420 (01273 664420 direct)

Fax: 01273 664413

The Mortuary technician is available on a 24 hour Air Call pager via switchboard at RSCH on 01273 696955.

Notification of deaths and Post Mortem requests

Requests for a post mortem examination must be accompanied by a completed post mortem request form for hospital cases, signed by an appropriate relative.

The Coroner's Officers email a copy of a form G5 to the Histology Office indicating that a Coroner’s Post Mortem is required.

The case notes and completed request and consent forms must be received in the Histology Office at least a day prior to the scheduled date of the post mortem. Result enquiries should be made to the Histopathology Department via the Office either direct line 01273 664502 or internally on ext. 64110.


These must be arranged with The Bereavement Office, on ext. 64611 or the Mortuary Staff on 64420. Medical and Nursing staff must not make arrangements directly with bereaved relatives and friends.