Laboratory information (Biochemistry/ Immunology)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

0800 to 1900h (RSCH)

0800 to 1800h (PRH)

Hours vary between sites due to differing workloads.

Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays

0900 to 1300h

(Reception opening hours may vary)

On-call service is available at other times.

On-call service

The on-call repertoire includes most general automated biochemistry tests, blood and urine osmolality, CSF scanning, urine electrolytes, and blood ketones. Requests for more complex/unusual tests will be considered on their merits, but we regret that they cannot always be available.

Please be courteous - the on-call staff are probably as busy as you are.

The duty BMS can be contacted on bleep 8332 (RSCH) or 6102 (PRH).

1700 - 2400h

Mark request forms as urgent. There is no need to bleep the BMS.

2400 - 0800h

All requests for immediate analysis require the on-call BMS to be bleeped. Please think twice whether your request is essential.

0800 - 0900h

Less urgent samples can be sent during the night and will be batched and analysed at 0800 in readiness for morning ward rounds. No need to bleep the BMS - put the time results are required and where the results are to be telephoned to (if necessary) on the form.

Contact numbers

Main switchboards: RSCH 01273 696955

PRH 01444 441881


Results (Monday to Friday, 0800-2000h)

ext. 64664

01273 664664 (direct line)

Chemistry secretary (RSCH)

ext. 64555

01273 664555 (direct line)


For routine Immunology result enquiries, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will make all effort to respond within 48hrs.

For any urgent results please call: 01273 696955 ext. 64593


Clinical Scientists and Medical staff


Consultant Chemical Pathologist

ext. 64146

Click here for lipid clinic.

Amber Crampton, Clinical Scientist

Rob Moore, Clinical Scientist

Toxicology and General Chemistry

ext. 67015

ext. 63683

Tamsyn Cromwell, Clinical Scientist

Stephanie Bailey, Clinical Scientist

Kade Flowers, Clinical Scientist

Special and General Chemistry

ext. 64416

ext. 64234

ext. 65242

Head of Blood Sciences

Sarah Bastow

Mobile 07917 013868

Section managers

Nik Hawes

Special Chemistry Section Manager

ext. 64149

Jason Brown

Chemistry Automation Section Manager

ext. 64782


Dr. Michael Tarzi

Consultant Immunologist

ext. 64593 or mobile via switchboard

Mike Stevens, 

Clinical Scientist


Andy Parr

Immunohaematology and Immunology Section Manager

ext. 64475