Bilirubin (total)


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Samples required

Clotted blood (gold cap, 5 mL tube). Smaller tubes are available for paediatric samples.

Test indications

Investigation of suspected liver disease, jaundice.

Click here for investigation of Gilbert's syndrome (genetic testing).

Factors affecting test performance/ results

Cyanokit (hydroxocobalamin) may cause falsely low results.

Samples containing indocyanine green must not be measured.

In very rare cases, gammopathy, in particular type IgM (Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia), may cause unreliable results.

Results should always be assessed in conjunction with the patient’s medical history, clinical examination and other findings.

Reference range

up to 21 µmol/L

Neonates (term and near term):
1 day: ≤ 137 µmol/L
2 days: ≤ 222 µmol/L
3½ days: ≤ 290 µmol/L

Source: Roche Cobas® Total Bilirubin kit insert 08-2015, V4.0

Turnaround time

Same day (within 2h if urgent)


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