Referred to Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services, Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Portsmouth Road, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7UJ

Alternative names, keywords

Carnitines, free carnitine, acylcarnitine, octanoyl carnitine, C5DC (glutaryl) carnitine, C14:1, C18:OH

Samples required

Lithium heparin blood (green cap, 6 mL tube), or paediatric tube for babies/children.

Clotted blood accepted provided in non-gel tube.

Fasting sample preferred.

Test can also be done on blood spots on Guthrie card, however a plasma sample is preferred.

Test indications

Investigation of suspected disorders of amino acid and fatty acid metabolism (see paediatric investigation profiles).

A plasma sample for acylcarnitines is likely to be more informative than a blood spot profile in most situations.

Reference range

See report.

Turnaround time

Referral lab quotes turnaround time of 10 days, however additional time must be allowed for packing, dispatch and delivery of sample, and return and processing of results.


Biochemistry (Referrals)