Test Index - S

Salivary 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17OHP)     see 17-hydroxyprogesterone (saliva)
Salivary cortisol     see cortisol (saliva)
Sapovirus     see gastroenteritis PCR
SARS-CoV-2     see coronavirus (COVID-19)
Schistosoma     see tropical parasite serology
Scl70 antibody     see ENA antibody
Semen analysis    see semen fertility check or post vasectomy check
Serology for pneumococcal serotype specific antibody response     see pneumococcal serotype specific antibody response (serology)
Sex hormone binding globulin     see SHBG
Skin scrapings (mycology)     see scrapings/ clippings for mycological investigation
Sm antibody     see ENA antibody
Smooth muscle antibody     see liver antibodies
for investigation of sodium and water abnormalities see fluid balance profile
Somatostatin     see gut hormones
Stone analysis    see calculi
Stone former investigations see renal stone former investigations
Streptococcal antibodies     see ASO titre
Streptococcal pneumonia immunity     see vaccine immunity testing
Striated muscle antibody - no longer available. See acetylcholine receptor antibody.
Strongyloides     see tropical parasite serology
Synacthen test (short)    see dynamic function tests
Synovial fluid (cytology)    see joint fluids (cytology)
Synovial fluids (microbiology)     see body fluid microbiology
Syphilis     see
 - diagnostic virology: meningitis/encephalitis and genital ulcer,
 -  screening/ immunity/ follow-up which includes syphilis serology in specific patient groups.