Test Index - P

P3NP     see procollagen III
Pancreatic polypeptide     see gut hormones
Pancreolauryl test - test no longer available
Paraneoplastic antibodies     see neuronal antibodies
Paraproteins    see serum protein electrophoresis
Parathyroid hormone     see PTH
Parvovirus/ B19     see
Paul Bunnell    see glandular fever screen
PBG    see porphobilinogen
PCP (pneumocystis pneumonia)     see sputum microbiology
PCR     see protein:creatinine ratio
Pemphigoid antibody     see skin antibody
Pemphigus antibody     see skin antibody
Pentagastrin Test    see dynamic function tests
Phenylalanine     see PKU monitoring
Phenytoin (Epanutin)
Phosphate (urine)     and fractional excretion of phosphate
Phospholipase A2 receptor antibody (PLA2 receptor antibody)
Phytanate    see VLCFA
PLAP (placental alkaline phosphatase)
Platelets     see FBC
Pleural fluid biochemistry (transudate vs. exudate)
Streptococcal pneumonia immunity     see vaccine immunity testing
Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP)     see sputum microbiology
Polycystic ovary syndrome profile     see PCOS profile
Post-dialysis profile (renal)    see renal post-dialysis profile
Pre-dialysis profile (renal)     see renal pre-dialysis profile
Pregnancy test    see beta HCG
Primidone (Mysoline)     see phenobarbitone
Pristanate    see VLCFA
Procollagen I     see P1NP
Profiles (test profiles)
for 17 hydroxyprogesterone click here
Prostate specific antigen     see PSA
Protein, serum     see total protein
Protein, CSF     see CSF protein
Protein C     see thrombophilia screen
Protein electrophoresis    see serum protein electrophoresis
Protein S     see thrombophilia screen
Prothrombin time     see coagulation screen
Pseudocholinesterase and inhibitor study    see cholinesterase (scoline apnoea)
PT (prothrombin time)     see coagulation screen
Pyridoxal phosphate     see vitamin B6