Test index - I

IgA     see immunoglobulins
IgE     (see also specific IgE)
IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1)
IgG     see immunoglobulins
IgG, CSF    see CSF oligoclonal bands
Immunofixation    see serum protein electrophoresis
Inborn errors of metabolism, urine/plasma - for paediatric investigations see paediatric investigation profiles.
Infectious mononucleosis  - gandular fever screen
Inhibitor screen (haematology)     see APTT inhibitor screen and PT inhibitor screen (50:50 mix)
INR     see coagulation screen
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1)    see IGF-1
Insulin C-peptide     see C-peptide (serum)
Insulin stress test     see dynamic function tests
Iron (urine)   test no longer available
Iron studies (iron, transferrin, transferrin index)
Ischaemic forearm lactate & ammonia test      see dynamic function tests
Islet antigen-2 antibody     see IA-2 antibody
Islet cell antibody     no longer offered due to poor performance.  Please request GAD antibody instead.