Test Index - G

GAD antibody (glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies)
Gamma GT (gamma glutamyl transferase, GGT, gamma glutamyl transpeptidase)
Gases (blood) - please use the ward-based blood gas analysers (click here for POCT information).
Gastrin     see gut hormones
Genetic testing    see DNA/genetic testing
Gestational diabetes screen - test no longer in use
GH     see growth hormone
Glandular fever screen (Paul Bunnell, infectious mononucleosis, EBV)
Gliadin antibody   not routinely available, see coeliac disease.
Glomerular basement membrane (GBM) antibody     see GBM antibody
Glucagon    see gut hormones
Glucagon Stimulation Test     see dynamic function tests
Glucagon Stimulation Test for glycogen storage diseases     see dynamic function tests
Glucose, CSF     see CSF glucose
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase screen     see G6PD screen
Glucose meters - see POCT
Glycated haemoglobin     see haemoglobin A1c
Glycosaminoglycans     see mucopolysaccharides
GM1 antibody     see ganglioside GM1 antibody
GPC antibody     see gastric parietal cell antibody
GQ1b antibodies     see ganglioside GQ1b antibody
Group and save     see group and screen
Growth hormone (GH, hGH)
GUM virology screening     see virology screen for GUM patients (non-HIV positive)